In various situations in our life you need to “stay in touch” using electronic devices, phone or tablets. Which power bank is fast charging and what is its’ main characteristics and how to define them when choosing? It’s quite a burning question for users. Wireless charging banks of different kinds and brands are very useful during traveling, remote work, or active weekends when you are far from civilization.

You can find here the most reliable wireless power charger models with Qi confection and fast charging option. You have to remember which is the best fast charging bank and its’ main indicators when you’ll choose your one.

Best power bank for business laptop
On this picture you can see a lot of power banks suitable for different laptops

Your wireless power bank: charging options and other features

Choosing the best wireless power bank for your needs is nor rather an easy task. But there are some life circumstances when you really need it. The wireless power bank for charging your smartphone or tablet will be important in the long-term journey with your family and children, when your simultaneously take pictures and listen to the road music from your smartphone. During a busy day at work if you’re working from a remote office and use your gadgets continuously. For moms with kids it’s extremely important element of everyday life, when you need to talk, text, turn on videos for kids and simultaneously looking for some information on smartphone it can discharge quickly.  Wireless power bank, charging you phone fast is extremely needed.

Even though many smartphones these days are starting to have high battery capacities, other main focus that’s changing is the charging tech that they use. There are really two main fast charging technologies that are on most smartphones. It’s Quick Charge and Power Delivery.

A wireless charging battery bank: is it new technology?

Your way of communication and use of your mobile devices will definitely change if  you don’t have to worry about waiting a few hour for your smartphone to charge up to a good point or full power. A wireless charging battery bank with Quick Charge technology is one of the most useful gadgets in active life. You can use your devices because you’re able to charge them while you’re on the go, while at the same time charging them at a very fast.

Nowadays such kinds of power banks are suitable for most models of smartphones. Most of them support quick charge technology and may connect up to several devices. The best one for the phone should be quickly chargeable and universal other gadgets (tablet, headphones etc. ). Good wireless charging battery bank have meet these criteria:

  • Pocket size and the charger is able to charge three devices at the same time;
  • Comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Quick charging port and fast wireless charging at the top of the power bank gives full recharge in 3-4 hours.

Do you need a quicker burst of power for an almost dead smartphone? Now it’s possible with a wireless power bank. It gives peace of mind in those situations when you need to keep all your important devices fully charged. A universal one will be perfect for charging devices without plug sockets, keeping them alive on journeys, or providing some power in an emergency.

A wireless charger vs a power bank: the main differences

wireless power bank

Power banks with wireless connection by their nature lose more power during a charging process than regular chargers. What main differences has a wireless charger and a power bank? Such kind of charging technology has a lower transfer efficiency, so more energy is lost generating the wireless charging current than lost through wired charging. It will be slower than “standard” ones on almost any wireless charger on a power bank today. That’s how the science involved here works. Charging with this power bank rather than a wire sticking out of your pocket or tangled around your desk can be a very beneficial thing, especially on the go and different activities.

Why power banks and wireless chargers are important?

Wireless charger and power bank may be both useful in different situations: just ordinary working process, active weekends, traveling for long distances etc. Both of them are important for our active life. If you are thinking about how to choose between a wireless charger and a power bank, you have to answer several questions:

  • How often do you need a charger or power bank usually?
  • Where you plan to charge your device?
  • In what situations you mainly need your power device (outdoor activities, home, office, on the move?)

When you answer them you’ll find the best kind for your life style and can make the right choice.

How to find the best fast charging power bank?

And finally, after all aspects about power banks of different kinds, you have to find the best fast charging one for your needs. Now wireless devices are extremely popular among business people, passionate travelers, parents and selfie lovers.  It’s necessary to have a portable power bank to add some juice to your favorite gadgets when it’s no wall outlets near.

You can find below, which is the best fast charging power for different needs:
  1. Wireless technology means you can drop your mobile device in a charging dock and it works without any need to plug into your phone or tablet. It is essentially easier than a traditional power bank with a cable.
  2. Also it has less risk associated with “plugging in to public USB chargers”, because such public charging hubs may collect information when you’re using them. This is another reason to pay your attention to the fast charging power bank with wireless connection.
  3. Which is the best fast charging power bank – wireless or another kind? Wireless charging has become popular because it allows you to power up compatible devices without the need of a cable, but simply by resting them on top of the battery. Qi is the dominant standard that you’ll find in compatible Apple and Samsung phones, and there are some other battery packs that support it.
Wireless charging bank for your active life
wireless power bank

So, we can see that a wireless charging bank could be the best choice for you and meet your main needs. If you have any doubts about what kind of power bank – wireless or not, to you need, you can follow these instructions.

  • Is the wireless charger has a function of a power bank for your phone? Yes and no. A power bank is usually a portable battery charger with a cord to plug into your phone. Wireless chargers, however, do not plug into your phone. That’s the convenience of it. It is the main difference.
  • Is a USB port necessary for this modern device? Yes, it’s so. A point with the conventional wireless charger is that you have a set “home” for your phone to charge on top of without a need to constantly plug and unplug your equipment.
  • For whom this kind of charger will be useful? It’s very helpful for people with problems hands or fingers. And it’s useful for those, who are permanently on the move or traveling; anyone who finds portability an important part of their lifestyle.
  • How often I have to re-charge it? A general rule is that the more you re-charge your power bank, the shorter the lifespan of it will be. You should charge your power bank as often as really necessary. If you use it sparingly, at least charge it once during 3 months to keep the battery active.

Have you find yourself in the paragraphs above? If so, a wireless fast charging power bank will be the best for you without any doubts.